New Music – Nuns Honey ‘Charlie Best’

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This one is short and sweet, this one is Nuns Honey the recording project of Tim Goodwin. Having moved from California to New York the artist was a member of the band Gold Medal until their split in 2017, Tim now come through with his latest track under a new moniker ‘Charlie Best’. Their is an EP in the no so distant future, so watch this space if you’re into this brand of power pop.

‘Charlie Best’ is just a playful, upbeat track that is soaked in vintage pop tones and lo-fi inflections. The synth heavy indie-pop tune can be described as no less than a banger, that shines in your face and fills you with the feeling of summers evening. It’s all smiles on ‘Charlie Best’, it’s triumphant and glorious and Nuns Honey’s vocal tops of the superb production in a laid-back, mellow fashion.

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