Track Of The Day – BILK ‘Slob’




BILK are three eighteen year old lads from Essex that fuse elements of indie, rap and punk. Putting across a brand of honest social commentary, to the point and as real as it gets. Clad in Fred Perry and Adidas ‘Slob’ is a reflection of the highs and lows of British youth culture today.

Lead singer Sol Abraham talks about the track: “Slob is a reply to everyone who’s called me a do nothing and a dosser throughout my life. It’s like an acceptance of being a slob but also a bit of middle finger to the people who said I’d do nothing with my life just because I didn’t do well in GCSEs or go to uni or whatever. People only see one side of the story and that’s the smoking weed and sitting about watching tele side, no one sees the side where I’m working hard with my music and grinding at that and I wanted to kind of take out that frustration in a song where I’m just saying fuck it… I am a slob” resonate with all of us.

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