Track Of The Day – Aviv ‘Skyline’

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There really is very little about Aviv online – All we know is that there are three of them. They come from Canada and they are nineteen years old. Despite limited biographical information being in the public with these guys there are a whole slew of releases from the last couple of years, which is really impressive when you take into account their tender ages. So here is our track of the day ‘Skyline’ from Canadian trio Aviv.

This single shimmers in a haze of indie, soul and RnB that all come together to create this sensuous little gem. There are elements of ‘Skyline’ that remind you instantly of Yack! favourite Tim Atlas or a Boy Pablo, that bedroom pop crew. It’s groovy and sparkles in every direction, the musical equivalent of a disco ball if you like, and has the ability to get you moving with its pulsing rhythms and 80s infused disco melodies.

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