New Music – Waterfall Wash ‘Colors’

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Four-piece indie-pop act Waterfall Wash have been honing their sound for sometime now, resulting in the band releasing a handful of EPs that centre around their geographical roots. Based in Nashville, the quartet now emerge with their latest single ‘Colors’ alongside a simply captivating new video.

This new release is moody and dark with a smooth intensity about it, there are hints of Manchester Orchestra in here as well as some dreamier shoegazey sounds. Despite the track being over five minutes long, its swaying rhythms and intricate vocal harmonies turn ‘Colors’ into a easy-listening breeze that washes over you quite beautifully. There are so many subtleties in this one you wouldn’t be able to pick them all out if you tried, but with every listen you can hear something new, something exciting or intriguing – A truly wonderful piece of music.

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