The Devastating Effects Hulkamania Can Have On A Modern Family

Everyone has seen how Hulk Hogan destroys his opponents in the ring. This is largely down to the fact that he suffers from Hulkamania. What most people don’t know is that Hulkamania is a degenerative brain condition that makes the sufferer behave in a number of ways.


Firstly it causes a number of different aggressive fits. You know when Hulk Hogan just violently shakes whilst his opponent punches him in the face, where it seems to have little or no effect on Hulk. This is not Hulk Hogan just powering up, this is a serious seizure and without immediate medical attention could lead to increased development of the condition. This is also signalled by uncontrollably defacing of ones clothing. For example, tearing your shirt off in front of thousands of people, in a display of power. Another distressing sign of Hulkamania, is skin condition. Over the course of time, the skin on your body will turn a worrying shade of mahogany, and will feel, and appear leathery. Although this is merely an aesthetically unpleasant symptom it can lead to the sufferer becoming distressed and self conscious, this will ultimately lead to the aggressive seizures.


The final symptom to be weary of, is the discolouration of hair. Now although in some cultures it may be cool to have white hair on and around your face, when a sufferer of Hulkamania starts developing this it can be debilitating. The reason is simple, all the pigment from the hair is slowly used up, to make the skin turn that shade of mahogany. This pigment shift uses so much energy that the sufferer is prone to regularly collapse, in turn this brings on more and more fits of aggressive seizures. All of the above can clearly have an effect on the modern family, an over-aggressive male role-model will spell nothing but trouble for young children, and the insecurity of looking like an old boot will always lead to drug problems.

Just like Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off, Hulkamania will tear a family in two, and unfortunately there is no cure. Once you have Hulkamania all you can do is manage the condition.This includes masking it from any young children you may have. NB. If you are the wife of someone who suffers from Hulkamania, please show the condition the respect it deserves. Love and support your husband or partner, as this could be the only way to rid your life of Hulkamania.

Medical experts are not even looking into curing Hulkamania, because many of them find it amusing. This lack of professional recognition and care will only ever lead to more and more cases. “How many families need to be destroyed by this condition?” I hear you ask, well unfortunately no body knows, not even myself. And this is how Hulkamania can devastate a modern family.

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