Boomtown Chapter 8 Preview

As I begin to pack my grubby little knapsack full of the essential trappings necessary to spend another week in the countries centre of debauchery and deviancy I am forced to reflect upon the journey that brought me here. I guess I’m what you could describe as a Boomtown veteran, I have watched the fair…

Universal Truths

The young are about to be stung by yet more decisions made that are as much “in their interest” as an arranged marriage to Ted Bundy would have been.

Featured Artist Friday: Jacky Bastek

Jacky picks at guitar strings like she sold her soul to the devil, she then delicately laces vocals over the top filled with so much passion and heart you don’t get too suspicious. You could spend hours staring at the intricate work that is going on at the tips of her fingers, she plays percussion, rhythm and melody all simultaneously.

Referflection: One Man’s Musings

Fuck. Fuck. Firstly because this computer is on. I promised myself that if the computer wasn’t on I wouldn’t bother opening it up and typing this on it. Fuck again becuase I have to use notepad, and despite extoling it’s virtues to a good friend just hours ago, I now rue the day I ever…

Yack Does Politics: The EU Referendum

Pubs, bus stops and street corners across the nation are murmuring with the unhushed buzz of the EU Referendum. Everyone has an opinion and for the most part they are incredibly keen to share that with you; it’s unavoidable. Here’s ours:

My Voss Addiction

I literally do not give a shit about what you think about bottled water. Some say it is just over priced tap-water, that it is a pretentious status symbol of the rich and well to do. Fuck you. Bottled water is nothing more than an appreciation of quality hydration, something that you would have to…