Boomtown Diaries: Chapter 10 – Fear & Loathing In Boomtown Springs

When co-inhabiting with members of the upper classes it’s important to let them know you are not intimidated by them. Be loud at all times to let them know you exist. Mark your territory frequently and visibly with discarded clothing and by urinating on the outskirts of your tent or domicile.

Boomtown Diaries: Chapter 8

I pry my crusted over eyelids open to see that my face is half submerged into a lake of beer presumably spilled the night before. A half smoked cigarette butt floats past as I slowly lift my head out of the muck.

Film Review – ‘Night Crawler’

 Young, jobless entrepreneur Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllnhaal) stumbles into the world of ‘Nightcrawlers’ -freelance cameramen who film crime scenes, car crashes and other accidents to sell the footage to TV news channels. Quickly sucked into the competitive career, he embarks on a mission to capture the most grisly shots and get ahead of the game…

A Virgins Review Of Boomtown 2014

First off, it’s worth bearing in mind that not only was I a Boomtown virgin until 6th August, I was a complete festival virgin until 16th June this year. As a 21-year-old who has also been an active musician for 11 straight years, I understand this is pretty criminal and deserves being hung by my…