New Music – You Do You ‘Oil’

Taking a fiercely ferocious stand with bare feet firmly planted in the soil, ‘Oil‘ is a powerful political message as well as a passionate anthemic jam.

It begins with a the thunder strike of the thrashing guitar riff. There is a funky little wiggle that leads one refrain to the next flexing the delightfully intricate instrumentation that carries on throughout.

Lyrically the song has a poetic edge but strikes it’s message home hard with concrete blunt force.

The vocals have this feral passion and gravelly grit that oozes throughout song. Every line is not just delivered, but delivered with meaning.

As the songs pace and progression continues to grow so to does the heart of the performance and it is an empassioned plea for parlay with the indifferent capitalist gains that are killing the planet we live on.

Thematically the song is incredibly grounded and connected, and this is matched in the music and in the fizzling interplay between the band themselves. There is a primal Gaia force that swells through them into the track.

Oil‘ is a track that channels the fury and soul of every member of the band into a finely sharpened anthem that cuts deep enough to draw blood.

The chorus is an anguished wail that is felt as keenly by those playing as those listening.

Words by Matt Miles.

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