New Music – Human Interest ‘Spiced Apple’

With effortless art rock swagger and passion soaked power in the crooning vocals, Human Interest offer a a retro sound that buzzes with the raw electricity of its explosive experimental modern twist.

The track begins with the tail feather shaking tambourine like shiver on the drums and a deliciously juicy fruity bass bounce.

The vocals come in with a cool croon and begin to paint the picture of your average every day love song. However with the quivering delivery, poetic prance and cheeky quick wit of lines like “together, yes you and me together, french decor and vegan leather” it’s clear from the beginning this is a different beast.

As the song progresses the instrumentation, lyrics, and menace of the vocal performance continues to build and become a little more frenzied and unhinged.

At the climax of the song we are crouched down under the window of the love interest, voodoo doll in hand, staring in as perplexed as the protagonist at the incredibly surreal and strange twist the tale has taken.

At the tip of the switch into full lunacy in the lyrics there is this absolutely fantastic freak out in the music itself. Everything drops out and each instrument is given a chance to wiggle in the weirdness. Honestly, it’s electrifying.

Human Interest are a special breed indeed. Crafting a rich narrative that dives deep into the abstract, absurd, and awful like this takes a mature pen to do well. When done right though it instantly establishes itself as an artistic masterpiece.

This feels like it could easily have pride of place on a Nick Cave or Velvet Underground record, yet it swells with a bursting energy, passion, and drive entirely its own.

The band are on tour now and you can find the dates below. Follow Human Interest on Instagram to keep up to date with new releases.

18th Nov – Margate, Bar Nothing

19th Nov – Margate, Elsewhere- W/ self esteem

20th Nov – Brighton, Patterns- W/ self esteem

23rd Nov – Exeter, Phoenix – W/self esteem

24th Nov – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds- W/self esteem

25th Nov – Nottingham, Metronome- W/self esteem

28th Nov – Sebright Arms

5th Dec – Kentish Town Forum- W/ Tribes

17th Dec – Ridley Road Social Club

Words by Matt Miles.

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