New Music – Darien Martus ‘Rockaxeon’

Calling to us through the ages, ‘Rockaxeon’ is epic in the truest meaning of the word. A operatic rock poem about rocks, it smashes through any preconception you might have with prehistoric might and harder than granite riffs.

Vocally, it is gorgeously performed with the passion and emotive energy of the pen and creativity that went into it. Martus has a magnificent range and he easily navigates from the soft and soulful to a powerful growling belt.

The song has a truly mesmeric progression, beginning as a spacey surreal art rock jam and slowly diving into more operatic territory before coming out the other side full frenzy with psychedelic rock power.

There is no point where what you’re listening feels disconnected from the last, the pace and movement is seamless. Yet the scope of it when you look back is as collosal and timeless as the narrative of the piece itself.

With all of this you might expect it to be impossible for such a piece of high concept art to have a hook or chorus but again you’d be wrong.

Crafted by skilled hands and formed from the Earth itself the swell of the chanting main refrain is dizzying and mesmeric.

The intricate instrumentation, beautiful build, perfect production, and bard like storytelling make for a track that truly does defy the centuries. It is timeless. This is a masterful talent and the heart that has gone into the project is only matched by the prodigious skill.

Words by Matt Miles.

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3 thoughts on “New Music – Darien Martus ‘Rockaxeon’”

  1. I agree with you Matt so unique and full of feeling and soul! I love to watch Darien sing this song it is so moving and heart felt. He is one amazing artist!!!

  2. John mills davies

    Fantastic, intense, complex-full range for senses. Would love to hear, see, experience in concert!
    As an architect I appreciate the craft, layers and complexity-this composition and performance is like a fine Swiss watch on steroids!

  3. Thanks Matt and Yack! This is the most thoughtful and excellent review my music has EVER received! Of course I’m
    Blasting it out to all my listeners and followers. I’m sure this will lead more people to Rockaxeon. ❤️Darien

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