New Music – Ve & Fasa ‘Under Lysande Skyltar’

To the non-native ear Swedish has a folkloric fae quality that only adds to the awe and wonder that this track evokes. It’s a soundscape that is constantly evolving moving from the pulsing synths to the darker growls of the guitar. ‘Under Lysande Skyltar’ creates a neon glow that dances in the night sky with the purity of the Northern Lights.

Vocally it doesn’t wallow too much in the breathy and quiet restraint of many in genre. Rather it harnesses the strong female vocal with masterful skill, at times it is sultry and sullen, but it always has a power and rich tone lying underneath ready to pounce. It lingers, but it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome in any one affectation or run.

There is such a beautiful layering of voices in the song, it almost becomes a chorus in the sighing melody that is laced carefully over the heartbeat of the dark synths. The contrast from the growling moments of heavier sounds rumble in the bed of the music creating this primal energy that only serves to highlight the light and beautiful sounds that are happening up above.

While I can’t dive too deep into the meaning of the lyrics as they are in a foreign tongue to my own, the feeling that goes into every line is hard to escape. It’s passionate, and it certainly feels poetic, it’s enough to send a shiver up the skin, I would be very surprised to learn that the lyrics didn’t carry the weight they are given in the performance.

Ve & Fasa manage to make their mark on a genre that is very popular at the moment and often saturated with artists that don’t put much care into the music past the synth-base. This is rich storytelling with a true care and appreciation for creating something that lingers a little longer on the ear, it isn’t just a sweet whisper, it leaves a kiss that tickles and tingles in the breeze that blows past in its aftermath.

Words by Matt Miles

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