New Music – Cold Weather Captains ‘Whirly Bird’

When you’re listening to the Cold Weather Captains it feels like you’re right there in the room with them. It has this unmistakable groove that is the dictionary definition of cool.

As soon as the instruments kick in there is this sepia tone nostalgia in the effortless skill that each and every kick, twist, and tickle dances too. It’s just good ol’ funked out music that bites its lip enjoying the electricity of its own arousal.

Each musician is clearly incredibly good at what they do and each has a chance to come to the forefront over the course of ‘Whirly Bird’ and its respectfully precise 3 minute track time.

When you get a jam of this collossal magnitude, with musicians who enjoy taking it for a walk to the hazy edge of their skill; there is sometimes a bit of a barrier for the casual listener, gazing into the abyss watching the divine God particle of improvisation sliced in half and creating five by the razor sharp honed edge of musical mastery.

Cold Weather Captains invite the listener into the hadron collider with them, taking them by the hand with a funky little boogie in their step and a smile on their face. This is how music is made, and my god it tastes so much smoother taking giddy dizzy sips straight from the source.

Check out the EP for yourselves. Put a smile on your face.

Words by Matt Miles

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