New Music – Glass Echoes ‘Breaking’

Glass Echoes are one of those rare bands that can truly raise your pulse rate. Every note is seeped in this evocative emotional ebb and flow, listening becomes like breathing. You feel the music coursing through your veins.

The song ‘Breaking’ is supposed to be calming and menacing in equal measure. There is an anxiety inducing swell somewhere in the centre of this sonic storm, but as the clouds burst the lightning strikes are much softer and calming than you might think.

The listener is allowed sanctuary in the eye of the soundscape. A place of comfort where they can sit still and marvel at the raw and brutal beauty of this force of nature.

This song is heartbreak, if heartbreak was sweet. It’s a forest fire in the midst of a blizzard. It is chaos in order and the beauty is in the dissonance.

The synths at the heart of it build beautifully through the song and it is their pull that leads you on the journey.

The lyrics are repeated but sung with such varying emotion and energy that they mean something new each and every time.

“I am the raging sea”

The drums move ever forward furious but mechanical giving the rest of the song something to hold steady to.

This is an experimental and dark sound, but the blue sky promise this overcast mood evokes is a thing of unrivalled beauty.

Words by Matt Miles

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