New Music – Ugly Smile ‘Second Kind’

‘Second Kind’ waltzes in with the guitar equivalent of the Moonlight Sonata, a slightly eerie but beautifully measured sonic introduction.

Once the drums join in it begins to build until about the 1 minute mark when the gathered tidal fury crashes down and the bones of the track rise up from wreckage.

From here on in it’s a foot stomping banger. The vocals have that pure ra growl to them that are made all the more powerful in production with echo and reverb tastefully deployed.

The drums on this track are just absolute unholy filth, and it’s so nice to listen to. Around the 4 minute mark were treated to a drum beast out breakdown scattering precision punches throughout the stripped back sound.

After this we dive into the chorus again before the rug is pulled once again and we tumble giddy and dizzy into another breakdown filled with vocal flexing and bestial panting. It’s a kaleidoscopic journey that leaves the listener feeling a little Aliced throughout.

The bass is this funky little groove that acts as the rock solid bed that the other instruments stand firm enough to get wonky with.

Ugly Smile are a band that are more than happy to tear through the box the listener may assign them with tooth and claw. This acid soaked prog rock journey continues to build, explode, surprise, and delight at every turn.

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