New Music – Carl Fungus ‘A Rose’

Carl Fungus manages to blend together the far out groove of the 60s with the effortless cool energy of the garage indie band. The resulting mutant hybrid is a spangly flower child diving feet first into his acid trip, a wink in his eye and a smile on his lips, hair still perfectly quiffed ready to make friends with the fantastic beasts and wild weirdlings he encounters there.

The track begins with the simple snap of a very crisp set of drums and a thrumming bass line. It’s not until the guitar and synths chime in that A Rose truly starts to bloom. From then on the track continues to wiggle, worm, and wobble it’s way into earth of your mind, letting its roots spread out and fill the space.

By the time the first chorus hits you’re completely absorbed. And the chorus is a thing of true beauty, it’s got some thorny little hooks that will catch on to your ear flesh; listener beware. The lyrics fit snugly into the flower of the musical petals and it’s just a luscious deep sinking feeling as you let yourself tumble into it.

What at first glance seems a lot like a simple little indie tune grows into a musical offering much more complex under closer inspection. The breakdown in the second half of the song proves that despite the slightly low energy delivery on the vocals, Carl Fungus is far from lo-fi, this is an explosive musical feast!

Graham Coxon meets The Doors.

Words by Matt Miles

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