New Music – Andrew Chris ‘Floatin”

Based on a quote by the late great Jimi Hendrix Floatin’ is a track that rides the wave rather than trying to preserve it. It’s a spacey little jam that veers between its energetic hook and the more lo-fi crook of the song.

Give the lyrical content it’s not surprising to find that the track exhibits two polar opposites within itself. Andrew Chris has said that the meaning behind the lyrics is one of trying to find peace and balance when your creativity or music doesn’t always reach the audience you intend it to. We all have good and bad days, but it can feel a lot more fickle when you are trying to make a living of your passions and the seeming randomness of it all can be overwhelming.

This is where the Jimi Hendrix quote comes in. “It’s like waves of the ocean. You can’t just cut out the perfect wave and take it home with you. It’s constantly moving all the time.” The song charts the artists acceptance of the darker days as a part of the process, it’s a great message and a wise and almost meditative one to hold on for anyone struggling with their mental health or motivation.

Breathe, accept, move on. It’s okay to have a few rainy days every now and then. Just don’t let them consume you.

The sun doesn’t reach my apartment
Whiskey bottle dripping like a faucet
I don’t mind a couple of those rainy days
Still in the waves just floatin’

The beat that accompanies the track laps at the vocal melodies like the waves in its content. It ebbs and swells and then dissipates underneath. It creates a very calming yet unsettling unsteadiness that layers beautifully with the repeated refrain of the chorus.

Andrew Chris is an artist unafraid to open himself up in his music and present himself completely honestly. This makes for music that is more than just a good vibe or a nice sound, it’s a conversation. As the sound and the artist himself continues to evolve and grow we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more.

Words by Matt Miles

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