New Music – Mister Davey Jones “Luxury” Single Review

Truly sumptuous and sensual this is a luxurious sonic blend that will linger on your soul like the tickle of silk on skin.

The song sachays in with a quick-step that sways to the latin rhythm with bit bottom lip sex appeal.

It begins with the drums in isolation, the baritone soul mixes with the hispanic crooning in the vocals. They bounce off of each other beautifully.

As with the vocals the song is made up of two distinct flavours. There is a smoky sultry sex-appeal drawn from R&B and soul. Paired with the spicy swagger and passionate heat of its latin influences.

This fusion is a unique luxury that cannot be found in any single genre, but only in the innovative and inventive blending of many different styles into one.

Lyrically it tells a story of decadent appeal. While it does name a selection of the finer things in life, it lingers more on how they feel, how they taste, how they look in the moment.

Because the real luxury is not the expensive shoes, or the perfect Instagram post of dark grape jelley on toast, but rather how present the narrator is in the moment, and how madly deeply in love with life and this woman he is.

The poetic lyricism is dripping with some seriously saucy and richly sweet moments. It paints memories with sturdy brick and mortar backdrops and vivid imagery in the set dressing.

Mister Davy Jones does such a good job of introducing the each and every sense to each memory shared that you can practically feel the Miami heat on your own skin.

This is truly beautiful song writing that you can sink deeply into over and over again.

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