New Music – Trumpets Of Consciousness ‘Stephanie Saturday’



New single incoming from French act Trumpets Of Conciousness, the latest offering from their upcoming album ‘Approximate’. There isn’t much to be known about this act, but the new album following on from their debut full length release back in 2016 and new single ‘Stephanie Saturday’ goes a long way to putting this new record firmly on the radars of fans and critics. Accompanied by a superb videoclip & collage art by Anne-Laure ETIENNE & Peter the Moon, ‘Stephanie Saturday’ is a master stoke of electro indie pop.

Blossoming with 60s nuances and continental pop sensibilities, the new track evokes an jolly, playful mood. Its upbeat nature is a real smile spreader and the soft vocal washes over the track effortlessly. There is retro instrumentation and worn synths blip along in an alluring way creating a elegant and easy listening soundscape. If the album is as fun as ‘Stephanie Saturday’ we’ll be in for a treat.

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