New Music – Thomas Ianucci x Foggieraw ‘Back Home’

It might clock in a little short of 2 minutes but the journey ‘Back Home‘ takes you on is built with over lifetimes, and sticks in the memory with effortless flow and honest heartfelt storytelling.

The beat has this epic soundscape that serves up a timeless classic appeal that throws it back while also sparkling with a hungry and innovative instrumental groove.

There are moments where it drops out completely to achieve that golden era hip hop breakbeat pop. In others it builds up the overall texture to bubble underneath accentuating the MCs flow.

And what luscious torrents of endless flow there is. Both MCs serve up something completely different in terms of style and flex but the content is equally stacked with tight lyricism and fable-esque storytelling.

There are tight packed sections that wield schemes like weaponry and others that relax a little focusing on painting vivid imagery.

This track packs a punch but it showcases the beat and skill of the two MCs as profound talents; unique and definitely worth further exploration.

Back Home‘ is a tease of a taste, it sets up the two MCs and their story, and begs the listener to tune in for more. I for one instantly found myself looking up their respective discographies.

Words by Matt Miles.

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