New Music – Outerloop ‘You Don’t Get It’

Intricate instrumentation that writhes, wiggles, and wanders underneath the transfixing and transcendent vocals.

This is music from another dimension and it emerges from the cosmic void rift with bared teeth and sharpened claws.

It begins with the fury of the post-punk growling guitar and a torrential onslaught of the deafening drums. They weave together with a cataclysmic collision before the vocals strut into the fray.

Lyrically it’s an anthem for that particular undeniable joy that comes from being underestimated, and then forcefully cramming those false expectations back down into the gaping awe opened maw of the short sighted few who held them.

They hit all the more powerfully belted with the classically trained and sonorous sophistication of singer Taisha Estrada. Effortlessly punching with frenetic fury over the live wire verses and then ascending into awesome heights during the choruses.

The track burns with the righteous fires of its thematic emotive passions. It harnesses those primal forces and unleashes them beautifully both in the musicality, vicious vocal stylings, and powerful perfect production.

The band haven’t had much chance to uncage the rage on stage yet but as soon as the world returns to the “new normal” you’d be a fool to underestimate their earth shattering presence on the live circuit.

Words by Matt Miles.

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