New Music – TheWorst ‘Vices’

When you have the endorsement of legends the likes of Dana Colley it probably means you’re kicking out some serious jams. TheWorst have come screaming onto the scene with a sound entirely their own. It’s raw, it’s pure, it’s powerful pumped up punk and we fucking love it.

Vices is a live recording that utilises the legendary sax of Sir Dana Colley. It has this fuzzy dreamlike aggression that instantly evokes the unique and inimitable sound of Morphine. When the saxophone joins in the sonic wall of sound it creates this deep and resonant blackhole that draws you in, tumbling through the void, every atom tickled giddy by the cosmic joy of it.

Lyrically it is a dagger, it has keenly sharpened edges and it knows how to use them. It doesn’t stray too far or get lost in fancy flights, instead it hammers home the key refrain with an increasing passion and poignancy. Like any good punk poet the repetition is far from repetitive and the lines evolve and morph in meaning over the course of the track.

Vocally it begins quite restrained but slowly loses the grip of any semblance of normalcy as it progresses going from a mewl to a chaotic cacophony. The lyrics are a poison that is sucked viciously from the wound and spat venomously into the microphone.

The drums are an absolute force of nature, they ebb and flow with the energy of the track, crashing with primal vigour in places and lapping lovingly at the shoreline in others.

As an introduction to the band the track is a statement of intent. The tone of the guitar and bass is distorted and fuzzed out to the max, a prickling assault on the speakers. TheWorst take the time to dance more melodically with intricate instrumentation but when it comes time to throw down they roar with a ferocity that cannot be matched.

Words by Matt Miles.

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