New Music – Boko ‘Miss You So’

With super jazzy easy listening silk chiq this is a track that seduces with gorgeous instrumentation and then follows it up with a charming and debonair vocal hook. It’s irresistible, it’s insatiable, and it’s inescapable. A groove that you will learn to miss the second it stops playing.

From the very first strum you can hear every string ringing out, the resonance is lip bitingly good and sets the mood for the rest of the track. Every sound is chewed upon ringing out for just that extra second just to bask in the glory of it.

When the drums come in there is a slight dissonance at first, the mix and levels are deliberately out of step with each other exacerbated by a strange delay and echo. The effect is disorientating and used to draw attention to the narrative of the track. The dischord only lasts for a sharp second before everything comes back into a clearer focus and the song slips into the harmony that it enjoys for the rest of its duration.

The vocals are dripping with a sultry sex appeal, they croon with the bittersweet affection of a love lost. It’s a passionate and powerful performance that puts the pleasure back in to the soulful poetry of the lyrics. It’s by no means a happy song, but it isn’t sad either, instead in dances in the confusion and honest experience of the emotions.

The instrumentation and layering of the track is masterful. It builds upon itself and keeps adding new affectations and wiggles to keep the interest piqued. Like with the hook of the chorus, there is a repetition and an enjoyment in letting each note sing, but never quite the same, and the background and bed is always shifting allowing the alluring figure of the melody to be cast in a different light.

It’s simplicity done well, a recipe you know well but with an interesting kick in the spice department that opens up a whole new world of flavour. There is nothing too fancy about the song but in the DIY energy it brings is infused with true heart and skill. It’s a delicious sound and a mouth watering appetiser for the EP to come.

Words by Matt Miles

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