New Music – SunDog ‘Millennial Man’

The dating pool in Alaska is by all reports a little shallow. ‘Millennial Man’ is a growling, punchy, fuzzed out, visceral attack on the clichés encountered there. It’s dripping with sardonic wit and a prowling passion and power that is expertly released over the top of jagged guitars and the stadium shaking drums.

There is a cool psychedelic vibe to the tone and slick production to the track, but it quickly veers into the territory of more standard rock’n’roll riffery with concrete lyricism and middle finger attitude. The vocals skate over the top delicately at first picking out gorgeous melodies before it all comes crashing together with a bit more force and fervour for the chorus.

There is a beautiful attention to detail in the mix and layering of the track. It feels full and effortlessly vicious with an amazing scope of sound. The addition of the clap-a-long section in the middle is a stroke of genius that perfectly slips in to the metronome of the drumbeat that has been putting in work.

Following on from that is a small instrumental break where the guitar is allowed a moment to roam, which only serves to highlight the roar of the main riff when it returns.

Lyrically it’s a well penned snapshot of the amorous inclinations of the average Alaskan. It’s punchy and poetic with an easy to follow narrative and killer little choral hook. The chorus is bound to get stuck in your head and I would wager it must be a shit time to be a camper van man in Alaska right now.

SunDog come swaggering in with a potent potion of moonshine magic brewed up in the snowy tundra’s of Alaska. It has a feral and ferocious energy but it is expertly tamed with intricate and interesting instrumentation and alluringly soft vocals.

Words by Matt Miles

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