New Music – The Vanities ‘This Ain’t Love’

When we reviewed The Vanities album 2001, we picked out This Ain’t Love as a personal favourite.

We clearly weren’t the only ones with an ear for the razor sharp choral hook as shockingly soon after it’s original release it recieved the remix treatment by the one and only Jean Jacques Smoothie.

Hearing the track reinterpreted so masterfully we had to quickly revisit the original first to truly appreciate the new.

This Ain’t Love brings back the brass to the boogie for some baby making music. More Prince than Bowie it’s sticky, sweaty, sexy, and snarlingly smooth. A personal standout from the album it’s carefully crafted to climax and clings to the memory like the embrace of a tender kiss.

It should be noted that Jean Jacques Smoothie is a DJ with an impressive discography, however his standout hit ‘2people‘ smashed the charts in 2001. Creating a poetic and beautiful synergy with the album that this latest remix pulls from.

The nostalgic themes that populate The Vanities album are just as present in this reimagination and creative remix.

Latching on to the hook and sharpening it to a daggering edge atop intrinsically 90s classic house vibes it pushes a powerful and punchy revivalist feel good energy.

The sparkling electro beat creates an instant time machine back to radio wave ecstasy that pulses with the same delicious memory laced crunch as tucking into a bowl of your favourite childhood cereal.

But it isn’t just a fond look backwards, it has enough of a modern twist to spark the electricity of promise and evolution for the future.

The two incredibly different artists combine in a truly unique way to soundscape a track that is bigger and brighter for the creative collaboration.

While the remix works perfectly well in isolation, it’s best enjoyed when you know the original and understand what an entirely different beast it is.

Trading the horns for synths, and the nuanced lyricism of the verses for the crisp crackle and pop of the drum machine, the remix is an all night dance marathon, the original is a sordid, sweaty, hook up.

Both might not be the dictionary definition of love, but it sure is fun while it lasts.

The Vanities have also impressed another musical legend with their beautifully old soul sound and will be supporting Tony Hadley (Spandeau Ballet) on the 9th of March at St David’s Hall in Cardiff. You can get your tickets here.

Words by Matt Miles.

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