New Music – Lunar Noon ‘The Rain’ Single Review

A tapestry so vibrantly rich with the woven threads of its influences and inspirations that it encompasses a journey and story that isn’t just global, it’s intergalactic.

The menagerie of magical musical merriment has an enchanting and endearing mix of eclectic instruments including to name just a couple the melodica and celtic harp.

The track begins with some spacey strings that evoke just a hint of Asian influence. It ruminates and rumbles like the promise of rain on the horizon.

The vocals join in with a soft and tender sweetness that masks the deep power and resonance of timbre and emotion. There is a mirror or echo to the vocals providing both the high and low end and showing off an impressive range of soaring soulful sonics.

Lyrically it allows the rain to pour but instead of seeking shelter it takes the listener by the hand to twirl, tromp, and twist in the downpour to treasure the embrace of every drop.

There is something fairytale esque about this sublimely jazzy and poetic romp through the rain. The arrangement and beautiful production is immensely immersive and you are completely soaked coming out the other side.

Lunar Noon is an artist with the youthful passion and playfulness to experiment with unique compositions, but balanced with the maturity, wisdom, and tremendous talent of a well season troubadour.

As you sink into the soundscape you are able to hear the orchestral song that sounds out of each and every individual instrument.

Words by Matt Miles.

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