New Music – The Ryne Experience ‘Frosting’

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The Ryne Experience is the new project from Michigan-based Ryne Clarke, perhaps a ironic stab at the self-indulgent – Whatever it maybe the end project is absolutely delightful. New single ‘Frosting’ is a simple but effective jam, from the musical side of things right through to its lyrical content which, on the surface at least, is about somebody eating Clarke’s frosting.

There is a Weezer-ish charm in the gliding guitar melodies and this extends further into the laid back vocal style. It all plays really nicely into to the fun simplicity of the lyrics, and is one of those songs that get trapped in your head real easily. Although there is a purposefully created laziness within ‘Frosting’, there is also an inherent energy that simmers away in the background, pulling the track from verse to chorus effortlessly.


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