New Music – Foreign TV ‘Magnets’

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The new Epsom-based band Foreign TV have steadily been honing their craft by putting the hours in on the road and now come through with their new track ‘Magnets’. It’s only the second single from the four-piece and they are already starting to turn the heads of new fans and critics alike with their brand of indie-psych pop

‘Magnets’ brings through the wavy sounds moulded with pop sensibilities that we’ve seen from artists like Comso Pyke, but there is also a deeper artistry beyond the poppy hooks that reminds you more of a Tame Impala. ‘Magnets’ drifts with intent and sways between guitar and vocal like a breeze, and although there’s an inherent dreaminess about ‘Magnets’ it also has a sharper edge to it. There is more than meets the ear with Foreign TV – Watch this space.

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