New Music – The Oceans ‘Juvenile’




More music from Denmark now with duo The Oceans and ‘Juvenile’, the latest single from their recent EP. Formed in 2014, the guys have been putting out a string of releases ever since creating a mix of noise pop and indie rock. Currently in the middle of their Spring tour, The Oceans have been receive a heap of praise online and on the live circuit and have certainly cemented their name a staple emerging act in their homeland.

‘Juvenile’ has a non stop energy about it, brought to the fore by massive anthemic guitar that offer a spacious, stadium filling feeling. Subtle, soft synths add a gorgeous atmospheric layer to the new single whilst fuzzed out guitars really bring home the indie rock roots that The Oceans incorporate into their work. It really does have a whole host of influences shining through from 80s synth pop to 90 grunge and hints of modern alt rock that come together to create a masterfully crafted yet noisy pop song.

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