New Music – The Cookie Jar Complot ‘Caviar Capital’

This is music that is truly epic in structure and scope. Intricate instrumentation woven with wizardry to tell a story. Each track of the EP is a dazzling fragment of a pragmatic kaleidoscopic whole.

We already covered the EPs opening track ‘NEO‘ on its release. It’s an energetic whirling release of effervescent rhythm and bubbling groove that introduces the listener to the band’s unique take on masterfully metered math rock.

Second track ‘TFO‘ is a bit more atmospheric and measured. Where the first allows itself to ignite and blaze in brilliant inferno throughout, this one smoulders for a while first.

It retains all the promise and power, and it builds it into a cathartic explosive release in its final section.

The third track Sweet Dreams‘ we also covered before. It continues on the more subtle song craft of the track before creating a spellbindngly skillful sound that leaves your skin tingling with the sweet soul that audibly hums at its centre.

The EP closed with ‘Tides‘ which is a fitting end to their debut as it was the first song he band wrote together under this name.

In terms of scope and range it is the track that has the greatest wanderlust as it quests through its beautiful soundscape it goes from blissful green fields of hope to the dark, dingy, and distorted dungeons of disappointment.

In one song the band manage to capture the different seasons of a life and channel the frustration and angst they had with the ending of a past project to summon the fiery phoenix of something infinitely more magical. The song soars on the updraft of the renewed passion and powerful spirit.

It is truly amazing the stories and feelings that this two piece can conjure through instrument alone and the firework finale of ‘Tides‘ exemplifies this perfectly.

Caviar Capital‘ is a riotous romp through rucking riffs and raw, pure, passion. It’s masterful musicians furiously funneling everything they have, and all that they are into their instruments.

It’s captivatingly crafted with pitch perfect production, every string sings as it should and every crash of the percussion paced and placed with care to usher in a new movement.

Words by Matt Miles.

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