New Music – Legions Of The Irrational ‘Monologue Pt. 1 – 3’

This three part epic provides a deep dive into a nuanced narrative that sings a poetically through lyrical language as it does intricate instrumentation.

The first monologue ‘Oceans Of Trouble‘ builds a tumultuous and troubled mind. Begging for a breath of fresh air, they are drowning in the aggression of the world and their own smothering failing mental health.

The rhythm guitar provides a thunderous and meloncholic refrain that weaves throughout the track. The lead guitar buries itself into this bed to flex and fluctuate through frenzied frets to pick out out the anguish and passion of the piece.

The build and the progression is in a constant state of growth but it doesn’t completely explode here, the promised release instead saved for later in the saga. The setup is phenomenal, and you can taste where the next track will go with the tease of this one’s finale.

The Duel‘ picks up perfectly where the last left off. The rhythm provides a through line and continuation, but the vocals and raging lead quickly established an entirely new power to this one.

Lines like “it not blood but acid that’s flowing through my veins” show off both the poetic prowess and also the powerful punch of the songs dark and daggering lyrical depth.

This song finds the narrator give in to the beastial and primal fury that fuels him. As he does the guitar steps up to let out a distorted roar that paints with crimson hues the bloody picture that this dark turn releases.

The track progresses and builds gaining in fury and ferocity until the explosive finale where the repetition and massive riffs tell a terrifying tale.

With ‘Something‘ the narrator reflects back on all that has come before. The soundscape is much more rich and varied than the two before. It draws on the calmer elements of part 1 and balances them against the fury of part 2.

Recognising the rage inside, there is a philosophical and profound meditative growth that promises to educate and connect with themselves and the Earth they exist on.

There is a freakout towards the end that has all the power of the raw rage in the last piece but it is more channelled and clean this time. The distortion is toned down and it’s a beautiful instrumental indicator of the characters progression.

The three parts come together to make a beautifully rewarding whole. While each works sonically on its own, the story they tell in sequence makes each shine so much brighter

Words by Matt Miles.

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