New Music – Grand Theft Audio ‘Ici Mon Decree’

A rip roaring and riotous sound that dances maniacally in the celebration of the unhinged and bizarre. Possessing a powerful pandemonium in its soundscape it is as layered and deep as it is a punchy party banger.

The lyrics are in broken French and they are poetically playful and strangely profound. We will include the story behind the song at the bottom of the review and we encourage you to read it. The context added is creative and beautiful.

The guitars absolutely slay at the centre of the sound creating this dizzyingly distorted and dangerous dance. There is an amazing build to the tracks progression that releases with devastating effect in the chorus.

The production is perfection with a rich and varied soundscape that dazzles in the choruses and allows the intricate instrumentation to shine in the verses.

The creativity and passion behind the music is obvious. It has a cheeky wit that bares it’s grinning teeth in the punk power of the music.

This is a band that tell a story with a purpose. The narrative, character, location, and texture of the song is immersive and bountiful.

In its celebration of the absurd and bizarre it shows off an non conformist spirit without ever having to be as mundane or banal as actually telling you that’s what it is.

Words by Matt Miles.

“The song was inspired by a character met during Jay’s time spent living on a farm in France:

The song is a Pig-Latin French regurgitation of the bizarre and sometimes hilarious manifesto for living as espoused by the local villain.

He would often appear unannounced at Jay’s house – almost paralytic drunk – where he would stake his historic claim to the property (he believed one of his relatives had once worked on the farm, and so in a strange, pissed, pseudo collectivism this to his mind, made him part owner).

Standing astride the muck heap he would hold forth – pointing to the ground, “LISTEN!!! – here – HERE is my decree!… I am a man of taste – but I hate the hunt… Despite being an ex-convict, I have NEVER paid for sex for I am a man of principle… If only you would take the chance and LOVE ME”

These hilarious standoffs of mutual incomprehension would usually end with him finally resorting to bellowing verses of Ian Dury’s ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ at Jay in broken English – a kind of last-ditch attempt to vocalise his incomparable lust for life and defiance.

Despite the undertones of aggression, Jay became strangely fond of the villain and often ended up further fuelling the nonsensical debate with more cheap red and strong fags, as they traded ever increasingly bizarre assertions into the night – before leaving each other none the wiser. ‘Ici Mon Decree’ is an addendum to that conversation.”

2 thoughts on “New Music – Grand Theft Audio ‘Ici Mon Decree’”

  1. It’s so rare nowadays that anyone takes the time to actually consider their reviews , or treat them like something other than a disdainful task to be ticked off as quickly as possible – like punching tickets on a rainy Saturday in an odeon .

    Thank you so much for an eloquent and insightful review – you got it entirely 🙂

    the only reason left now for making music is to do it for love of doing it –

    so it makes a huge difference to see someone writing in the same spirit .

    Thanks man x

    1. Hell yeah! Thanks so much. I put the same passion into reviewing music as I do writing it with my own band.

      It’s a privilege to be able to use my talent to promo and gass up the music I vibe with.

      Appreciate you. Killer song.

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