New Music – The Brouhaha ‘Fear No Evil’

The Brouhaha have this distinctly unique ability to take a wacky wiggling little riff and wield it with collosal skill and strength so it hits you square in the chest, knocks you off your feet, and leaves you panting on the floor giddy, dizzy, and strangely aroused.

It’s a funky and dark kind of rock’n’roll that delights in weaving wicked wizardry that enchants and enthralls. The bass forms the slime, snails, and puppy dog tails of the voodoo and that slappy happy through line is utterly addictive.

The vocal spell is equally powerful, conjuring gut force fury that fizzles through the mic and straight out your speakers. There is a power and confidence that creates a groundswell beneath you to tip you headfirst into the immersion of the track.

Having listened to some earlier demos and EPs the band have upped their studio game considerably. What used to be a raucous and rowdy not to be missed live act has not channeled that adrenaline frenzy righteously into the recording and production.

The accompanying music video is every bit as surreal and spectacular as the track itself using clips from the delightfully bizarre “The Adventures Of Mark Twain’.

The hook of the chorus has a cataclysmic build that shatters the soundscape and then dances bloody handed and grinning maniacally in the primastic shards.

We will be in the front row as soon as The Brouhaha are back on the road. For now the album release will be played at deafening decibels, stomping round the bedroom like a loon to the hypnotic hype of the bass boom.

Words by Matt Miles

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