New Music – Gushh ‘For A Brief Moment’

A serene and sumptuous soundscape that offers a meditative calm in its lucious green glades while all around you it builds with Gaia force energy to a climatic eruption of truly awesome power.

The progression of the track is stupefyingly beautiful and it easy to get lost immersing yourself to drowning in each wave of the movement.

Yet like the march of time you are not left too long to linger as the careful crafting of the song weaves the riffs and refrains into an ever expanding and infinitely more intricate tapestry.

You can try to hold onto a single thread but they become so mingled and tangled in the sonic solar system of the song that all you can do is step back and admire the crafted constellations from afar.

The production is impeccable with everything units rightful place. Instrumentation stepping to the fore to sing and then stepping back into the fabric of the orchestral arrangement.

There is so much feeling and passion to the song, this emotive playing vibrates with a frequency that moves your very atoms.

For A Brief Moment‘ is just that, an infinite space reduced to a finite play time. But it is only the first chapter of Come, Have A Look At The Stars and we encourage you to head over to the Gushh Bandcamp to consume the entire library.

Words by Matt Miles.

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