New Music – Velvet Volume ‘Mother And Man’

Mother And Man‘ casts a statuesque silhouette of divine femininity, one hand flipping the middle finger to cultural and societal expectation, and the other cutting some dagger sharp dance moves vogueing like a goddess.

The track begins in earnest with a skin tingling jazzy little tickle on the drums which pierces through the dissonant strings and horns. It’s soon joined by the marching skip of the bass line and there is already a juicy weight to it.

When the vocals swagger onto the track they are deep and confident, effortlessly cool. Whispering, so sure that they will be heard.

There is a retro 90s funk grunge vibe to it that prickles with electric through the static of familiarity and instantly sweeps you along for the ride.

With lightning quick progression the vocals quickly move to a smooth croon. The changing pitch and cadence mirroring the conflict and different affectations that singer Noa Lachmi struggled with in her own realised and learned femininity.

Together with her two sisters Naomi and Nataja, the three seek to unravel the anxiety and shame through musical healing and open discussion of these mixed and confusing feelings.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the entire track is a firework of fuzzy, frenzied, frenetic, feral musical bliss.

As it launches into the falsetto of the chorus, the vocals make a stylish punk strut atop the distortion fuelled fuzz of the soundscape underneath.

Every line is weighted with the slap of raw meat realness. They’re poetically juicy and grotesquely open for a world that still shies away from such displays of inner turmoil caused by the societal constructs that feed them.

The prowling menace of such powerful self empowerment and knowledge is intimidating only to those that lack it for themselves. There is an honest magic to the message that casts a spell that is enchanting and enthralling written from the right side of hurt and healing.

Beautiful, intimidating, fragile, and fierce, Velvet Volume are luxuriously soft in the loudest possible way. These three sisters play with a harmony and hectic urgency that can only be fostered through family and passion.

Words by Matt Miles.

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