New Music – The Big Sway ‘Almost Home’ Single Review

A cataclysmic caterwaul of cathartic chaotic chords creates a creature feature of frenzied fuzzed out fury and finessed feral feelings.

The track begins with a wall of sound that pours out from the speakers in a dissonant deluge. As the flood begins to pool and settle pockets of perfect playful pitches begin to pluck at particular passages.

The central riff is a whirling monstrous melody that chuggs with a rugged and rough, rocking and rolling, reeling raucous revelry.

There are moments of calm where the waters settle with a sombering stillness that ripple with the emotive energy of the winds more tender touch.

It still pulses with the resonance vibration that courses through the songs core, but somehow becomes even more powerful in these moments of calm.

The growling guitars are the loud and proud centre piece of the music, but the train track terror unleashed on the drums are the percussive engine that provide the infnite industrial teeth to the tune.

The caustic and passionate rebel yell of the lyrics call out a mantra that taken on face value seem sure footed, but in the more reflective sections are a little more poetic in their protest. As much a promise to the person behind the pen as to the listener.

In a relatively short run time ‘Almost Home’ traverses a wide spectrum of sound. It has pensive peaks and vicious valleys, both bringing their own diversity differing reflection to the depths of the lyrics carefully coiled chorus.

This is a band with a truly aggressive sound that can sink it’s teeth into your flesh but then tenderly take the time to finger paint a poignant poetic picture with the spilled blood.

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