New Music – Carasel ‘Flashback’ Single Review

An old school anthem that funky flexes its retro rhythm with an earth shattering stomp, Carasel is an MC with true heart, skill, and soul.

When the bass bounce begins its boisterous bump it blasts through the speaker with a booming thud that hits right in the solar plexus to leave the audience giddy and breathless.

It’s a truly huge sound that delivers a high voltage amped up rampage that has all the monumental weight of a classic DJ Premier beat.

Listener advisory: even if you can resist the mesmeric force of the beat, once the skillful syllabic sorcery begins even the coolest cats will find themselves goofily grinning ear to ear and bobbing their heads in frantic frenzy, consider yourself warned before loading this one up on the night bus.

Carasel has an infectious and obvious passion for hip-hop that bleeds through in impeccable placement and polished pen game. Every line sparkles with the beaming smile that you can hear crackling against the mic.

Over the course of the track we are introduced to Carasel and the journey through the Bristol scene that gifted the MC with the juggernaut swagger and skill that he deploys ecstatically.

This is hip-hop that showcases a deep and dutiful appreciation for the genre and dances in the dizzy delight of music making. It’s wickedly clever, absurdly accessible, and wiggles and wriggles with a purity of soul and speaker shattering explosivity of sound.

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