New Music – Laughing With The Raindrops ‘Voice On Shellac’ Single Review

Modern jazz that crackles with the vintage vinyl tones and vivid vision imagery summoned in the sepia tones of the soulful story of Virginie Lacour-Puiboube.

You are led ear first into the surreal soundscape by an enticing guitar lead that sparkles in the cosmic crackle of the electric introduction.

The modern merrily merges with the masterful musical melding mood of more classical roots as the bass line emerges alongside the crisp snap of the drums and scattering patter of the vocals.

You find yourself relaxing into the familiar sound as you are offered a space in the songs smouldering centre. You sink into the silky satin embrace of a comfortable chair, basking in the flickering flame warmth of the tracks welcome.

Nothing is strained, forced, contrived or conceited. It is confident and capable music, that puts you at ease with easy listening licks and riffs, but pulls you deeper with punchy passages of playful passion power.

Lyrically the track is tenderly gifted with the emotive touch of lived experience. This is songwriting that has managed to tap into the world of its textured tapestry to pluck specific strings in the weave to hum with the exact frequency and resonating truth of the writers own heart song.

The poetic storytelling and sumptuously soft sung soul dance together beautifully in the vocals, every word lingers with mesmeric impact. There is a depth of range, tone, sustain, and explosive emotive energy that creates a sense of connection with the piece that is felt as keenly by the audience as the songstress herself.

Throughout the track and over the course of the many inevitable revisits, you will never stop being delightfully surprised by new insights into the intricate instrumentation and arrangement. A little tickle on the piano here, a stompy romp on the horn there, it is impossible to pick out where to words end, the woven world begins, and the seamless scenery of the music stitches it together.

The writing is so good that it almost feels disorientating to emerge on the other side of it in the real world you left behind as you found yourself immersed into that ‘Voice On Shellac’

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