New Music – TAPE TRASH ‘Perfect Spring’




Keeping with the Scandinavian theme, ‘Perfect Spring’ is the latest single from Norwegian duo TAPE TRASH. Made up of members of the band Ludvig Moon, the duo come together to create music in what they describe as a ‘free zone’, influenced by the music that they are listening to in that moment giving the band a fluidity in their back catalogue. The latest single ‘Perfect Spring’ is described as a song “about surviving a long, vitamin-D deficient winter depression, and coming out on the other side, being almost in a state of overdrive, balancing between ecstasy and panic.”

‘Perfect Spring’ is a mix of energetic guitars and deep powerful rhythms driven from the depths of the bass and drums. Each chorus grows into something more infectiously catchy with each pass, growing in size at the same time into something of anthemic proportions. There is a subtle dynamic across this track that dips and dives from verse to chorus to bridge and effortlessly puts a tasty edge across ‘Perfect Spring’ and allows each section to stand out.



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