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Here is the debut single from Danish indie rock trio Jours. As with many acts on their debut release there is relatively little to really get your teeth into in terms of a back story, however these guys are giving it a good go with support slots for the likes of Cherry Glazerr and a bunch of shows on their local circuit. With just this track under their belts the band have already been picking up some decent hype from press and radio and ‘Trick’ comes through infused with undertones of 80s British rock and influences including R.E.M.

‘Trick’ blossoms with the open and expansive sounds of The Smiths, whilst deep vocals really bring this sound home. To say that Jours are a copy cat of The Smiths would be doing the Danes a disservice as ‘Trick’ holds a multitude of influences past and present and even has the feeling of some more modern commercial sounds in there. ‘Trick’ is undeniably catchy with gorgeous guitars and infectious melodies being the real shining lights here. For a debut this is remarkably accomplished and there must certainly be more praise out there for a band that will go places.

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