New Music – Tacsidermi & Sister Wives ‘O Fy Nghof / A Oes Heddwch’

The collaboration between psych duo Tacsidermi and post-punk four piece Sister Wives may at first seem like an odd pairing; yet in the crater caused by the creative cataclysmic collision is a depth that descends deep down into the core of a raw and primal divine emotive power.

The 2 track limited release begins with the slow and steady stutter step of the snarling drums of O Fy Nghof. Keeping pace is the ringing resonant riff that fizzes and fuzzes with its own distorted dance.

As the soundscape begins to build and expand the vocals join in at first with a soft serenade before they steadily soar to ever loftier heights and dissonant anguish.

A Oes Heddwch instantly establishes a much darker and deeper sound. Where it was the vocals before that conveyed the turmoil and tension, with this track the instrumentation takes on that role.

The vocals here are almost disarmingly sweet. They float elegantly on angel’s wings just out of reach of the haunting soundscape. While elements of the track growl and pound others come in with a more nuanced meloncholy that fleshes out the mood and atmosphere.

Each band created the musical heart of a track and then they swapped what they had to allow the other to craft the lyrics and melody.

It’s a truly creative collaboration that manages to mix, meld, and merge the two acts sounds together into an entirely new cohesive yet utterly unique whole.

For those not fluent in Cymru the band’s have provided a description of each songs meaning which we will share below.

Tacsidermi on “A Oes Heddwch”:
“The song is about facing an armageddon and the panic of not knowing what to do in your final hours. There’s no use hiding from the inevitable. There’s no use trying to find peace. You must deal with the consequences of your actions.”

Sister Wives on “O Fy Nghof”:
“The song is about being in a deep depression and the helplessness which is felt in that moment. This does eventually come to an end – the heaviness lifts. However, this is often cyclical and happens again, over time. This leaves us stuck in a constant cycle, which can be hard to accept.”

While the limited edition vinyl pressing has already sold out, you can still head over to the Libertino Records website to support the artists and find many more tantalising talent there too.

Words by Matt Miles.

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