New Music – Chiliocosm ‘Diamond Cutter’

Raucous and roaring riffs, a torrential downpour of deep dirge like drums, and a wiggling wave of primal bass set the stage for the hoot and howl of an unforgettable chorus.

The instrumentation is energetic and electrically charged with this contagious passion that explodes into every verse, chorus and break.

Every instrument has its moment to take to the forefront and without pomp or pretention pushes its part in the rich tapestry of the soundscape to ever loftier heights.

The guitar dominates the intro but it’s not long before it draws back conpletely to allow the hypnotic bass line to emerge bubbling and beastly.

The drums switch easily from full furious frenzy to metronomic prowl waiting for their next opportunity to pounce and pound.

Vocally it has a melodic charm dancing beautifully through an ever evolving range and never really relying on just one style or comfort zone. There are moments of calmer reflection spoken and raw which provide a beautiful balance to the pure power and punch of the chorus.

Lyrically it perfectly traverses the tightrope between feather light poetic fancy and the more concrete weighted straight shooting realism. The song acts as a mantra for using every day to better yourself to build a beautiful tomorrow.

It’s music that burns with inferno intensity, wears it’s heart on its sleeve, and has a knockout punch of killer vibe and positive messaging.

Words by Matt Miles.

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