New Music – Carmen Mellino – ‘Toi Moi Inc.’

Instantly igniting with an inferno intensity this is a track that intends to leave a lasting impression and it only continues to stoke the flames of this furious and fiery frenzy.

The soundscape frantically switches from growl to prowl never losing the pulsing power that pounds out the raw rhythmic roar of its bloodied beating heart.

Lyrically it is the first in the native French tongue of Carmen Mellino. This perhaps allows the artist to explore the sensual, sassy, and shockingly straight shooting themes at the songs core.

The song has a typically French influence and innuendo in its interpretation and has a few different possible readings. But the lyrics in their most literal translation speak of a sensual sexuality and lack of need for commitment.

“Plaisir pas de sadness”

Pleasure, no sadness.

This release also represents a switch in Carmen Mellino‘s sound. This is much darker than anything we have heard before and the pop-grunge vibes instantly bring to mind the hazy, hectic, hybrid howl and raw pure passionate poetic power of PJ Harvey‘s ‘Uh Huh Her’.

This innovative reinvention and inspiring introspection in both the lyrical content and choice to speak that truth in her native language is truly beautiful and tantalisingly brave.

Carmen Mellino has evolved her sound completely and the energy and passion pushing this powerful pivot crackles through the speaker with an electrifying buzz.

Words by Matt Miles.

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