New Music – Synapson (Ft. Dominique Fils-Aime ‘Stand Tall’ Single Review

The track begins with soothing chimes and a calm build to the introduction of the sultry smooth vocals. Once the vocals hit there is this joyous skittering melodic riff that whirls around the lyrical message like a butterfly on the breeze.

As the soundscape continues to grow and evolve the foot tap and head bounce of the drumbeat begins to paint the rhythm of a classic electro dance groove.

The main lyrical refrain and message is poetic and powerful, it taps into a very current and youthful form of political protest and empowerment. It conjures visions of the Chinese millennial movement of Tangping, or lying flat.

The advice however works just as beautifully in terms of a mantra for less stress. Be like water, move mountains.

The track has a surreally hypnotic quality to it that you find yourself immersed completely before you know it. There are moments of explosive bursts that elevate and shatter the reverie before it dives back in.

The production and arrangement are spellbinding, casting an enchanting sonic spell that worms its way through your ear into your heart to tattoo the uplifting message onto your soul.

Words by Matt Miles.

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