New Music – HART ‘Vocabulary’ Single Review

Introducing itself with a warped vintage vocal sample from a by-gone era HART establishes a unique vocabulary that effortlessly blends hip-hop breakbeats and jazzy instrumentation.

It has this delightfully fuzzy tone that exists like the lingering memory of a dream. A sound outside of time and space, liminal and luminescent.

The track is an evolution of sounds and styles that coalesce into a pulsing electricity that sparks through the heart of the soundscape. It is relaxing and remarkably chilled but also energetic and emotive.

The soundscape builds, ebbs, and flows, growing in scope and depth. As a new lick is introduced it will wiggle to the forefront and then bury itself into the tapestry of the track as a whole.

Somewhere in the middle of this spellbinding sonic bliss is this moment of perfect clarity and calm that shrugs off some of the sounds that have been lurking in the shadow of the track. In the created space this haunting bow and string solo summons up an entirely different flavour completely.

For a breath after this the bass bounces to the top and hooks into the ear. There are so many memorable musical moments like this and the more you listen the more you find.

Words by Matt Miles.

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