New Music – Gomddam Memory ‘Pandora’s Omelette’ Single Review

The feral beast bass prowls through the undergrowth of the beat before the sharp hiss and growl of the vocals bares fangs and gives this darkwave monster true form.

It is primal and shamanically hypnotic as the track slowly layers in new flavours and melodys to create a soundscape that buzzes with a fuzzing distorted electricity.

Lyrically it is artistic and abstract but has a concrete weight that is based in the fear, unsurity, and surreal strangeness of our recent shared experienced existence.

Effortlessly weaving the fabric of myth, dream, isolation, and an entirely digital life, the track manages to mirror, refract, and reflect these themes in both the lyrics and the musicality.

It progresses with faultless production and accomplished arrangement to dive deep into weird wondrous passages of dizzying discord and distortion to then rise on the other side with melody and musical merriment in whirlwinds of playful joy.

Pandora’s box has been cracked open and as the demons and delights scurry from amongst the carnage you can either be paralysed in fear of the dark or you can make magic of the new found kaleidoscopic light.

Nothing sounds like Gomddam Memory, as they pluck flesh, tendon, and organs from the cracked carnage and chaos they are cooking up something disgustingly unique with a flavour youll be surprised to find yourself craving again the morning after.

This is progrock with an industrial horror heart and an art pop veneer. Claws that tear into you with a shocking sharpness, but as they pull back youll see them glinting in the light bedazzled with jewels and a pretty shade of polish.

Words by Matt Miles.

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