New Music – Laurie Wright ‘After The End Of The World’

There is a frenzy and a fury to Laurie Wright’s song writing, each lyric leaves spittle still dripping from the mic. The intoxicating potion he serves up is frothing with the power of punk and rich with the fruity flavour and maturity of lyrical legends of old.

‘After The End Of The World’ imagines the future from a point of bleak despair. It was written during the first lockdown but the clever lyricism doesn’t date or tie it to that event. Instead it can take on different meanings for each and every listener, not vague, but not too concrete, it dances in a dazzling realm of expertly crafted ambiguity.

There is a poetry to song writing of this level, an empathy with the audience and an attention to the edit which is shockingly rare in some musicians. Not content to just tell his story Laurie Wright is delivering a slice of emotional rawness, then cooked to perfection, that he hopes can nourish others.

While there are a few direct references they can be interpreted through other lenses and for me the song is primarily one about anxiety and depression. Trying to find the strength to come out the other side and start genuinely envisioning a future again.

The band behind the track are ridiculously tight. It’s a full sound that knows when to tickle, tease, or take the lead. It’s a gorgeously full sound that never misses a beat. The mix is beautifully done although I could have done with just a little more harmonica coming through, it’s a really nice touch and it gives the track a distinctive flavour.

Laurie Wright has been gaining notoriety and attention from a fair few reputable artists such as Noel Gallagher and Pete Doherty and it’s easy to see why. It has that salt of the earth authenticity to it that you just cannot fake or replicate. Middle finger attitude mixed with innate god given creative divinity.

Now where some could go off the rails with this level attention Wright has only gained it after having already done that and corrected his course to a healthier path which is incredibly reassuring to hear.

This is a name and a sound that we expect to be hearing a lot more of in the months and years to come. Can we picture a lot more Laurie Wright after the end of the world? Easily, this trash can troubadour will be the first to pick up a guitar and serenade us all around the bonfire as we reminisce on the world as it used to be. Personally, I’m looking forward to the apocalypse.

Check out this track and the rest of Laurie Wright’s catalogue on his Soundcloud.

Words by Matt Miles.

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