New Music – Suave Punk ‘Dust Bunny’ Single Review

Shoegazing is only really interesting if you’ve left the house enough to have some sort of muck to introspectively inspect. Taking the genre to a whole new level we instead turn our gaze to a room’s dusty corner, and the resulting psychedelic trip is the feel good hit of the summer.

Suave Punk creates a sonic soundscape that fizzles with the raw electricity of its fuzzy dissonant dream realm. The track swaggers in with thick chunky guitar riffs that peel away in the heat of the songs build and reveal the tender soft heart that still strums underneath.

That is the beauty of the genre and no artist does it quite as masterfully. There is an ebb and flow that culminates in a cosmic climax as the journey of the music touches on both the lighter and darker elements of its story.

This isn’t just shoegaze, and it isn’t just post-punk, its a textured complex sound made up of so many more influences than that and refuses to be limited by any one label.

There is a buoyant joy to the song that bubbles and bursts to the surface even in its more heady and heavy sections. This theme is touched on poetically in the core concept and lyrical content too.

Dust Bunny‘ is an epic saga told through the lens of a spring cleaning and the fascination upon finding a particularly large and very dusty bunny in the corner of the room.

The make up of this homunculus of grit and grime is two years the writers, and probably a few more contribute by the previous occupant. It’s more than just dust, its a lived life.

Pondering its disturbance adds a sepia speckled lens to your world view and a sense of belonging, connection, and calm, as it gently settles back to the floor.

Dance in the dust, delight in the dirt, dally daily in the dissonant noise of existence. This is music that makes the mundane magnificent and it gifts you with its strangely soothing surreal lens.

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