New Music – Coumarin ‘New Descent’ Single Review

Richly textured and deeply emotive the soundscape has a crisp and clear quality that pierces through the airwaves and leaves a lingering tingling sensation that continues to tickle the listener’s ear long after it’s finale.

It begins with soaring synths and a muffled primal and earthy pounding drum. They merge and meld in the middle creating a beautiful balance.

The vocals are pitched to perfection with a clarity of sound that lets every line resonate with a vibrant vibration. This creates a soulful impact that the listener feels keenly in the sonic depth alone, yet it hits harder still given further force and fury drawn from it’s hefty lyrical weighting.

‘New Descent’ is an anthem for discontent. It is the hole in the heart of an addict, a poet’s soul tethered to a desk, pilgrim feet paralysed from spending too long under the fig tree trying to catch every falling fruit.

Coumarin asks questions, but doesn’t hide the fact that he is just as lost and without an answer. It’s beautifully honest and open song writing and this feeling is a universal one.

We all wander these lonely roads but the shared experience of our community of the discontented united in focused soul searching somehow brings us together in the unknown.

The sonic journey itself mirrors this quest and warm welcome as it sparkles with a cosmic brilliance that shines through in every luscious lick and effervescent energy of the tightly interwoven instrumentation.

It has an incredibly positive vibe that leaves you feel embraced even through the potentially dark and dangerous discontent at the core of its message.

Coumarin is an artist that exists outside of any one genre. There is a joyous and irrepressible release in the music that bounces bouyantly beyond.

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