New Music – Sidus ‘Dark Flames’

With the creeping dread of impending climate disaster ‘Dark Flames‘ manages to create a haunting and terrifying soundtrack to the horror movie reality of the ever burning forest fires of our present.

Relying on a industrial gothic synth sound at its heart the soundscape picks out a haunting and emotive refrain that dances in and out of the building burning beat of the furious frenzied drums.

The keys and the guitar strings take turns leading the audio assault passing the baton between them to create this unspoken pact of how different voices and communities can cry out as one with the same message.

Their is so much doom in the sound, yet from within it’s darkest depths there is this glimmer of hope and healing. In the quieter and more reflective moments you can hear the feral fire’s inferno, but also the very human stories of the men and women risking their lives to fight it on the ground as well as the boardroom.

With it’s intricate instrumentation, luscious layering, soaring soundscape, and voiceless narrative, the track manages to perfectly capture the mood of its message and sing without lyrical song a lament that is as heartbreaking as it is empowering.

The progression and the power it harnesses is testament of the passion that goes into the project and it’s truly awesome in its scope and skill.

If you want to donate to a global charity that provides support, relief, and aid to wildfires then The Center For Global Philanthropy would be our choice.

Words by Matt Miles.

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