New Music – Jimmy Beach ‘My Temporary Planet (Ghost)’

Riding on the ebb and flow of a kaleidoscopic build, this is a journey that highlights the fragility of existence while also delighting in the infinteismal nature of its scope.

Jazz on an acid trip every instrument spends a penny to make a pound back in the gravitational pull of its part. It’s grandiose but minimalist, heavy but lightweight, hard but soft.

Every riff and refrain is measured with emotive care, only doing so much as to sing the soul of its sonnet. They move to the spotlight in moments of ecstatic bliss, then step back into the shadows to let the next line through.

The narrative and lyricism and sparse, soft, and subtle, like the story they tell. It’s about the impact we make and the ghosts we leave behind. It’s a very poetic and powerful and incredibly emotive, relying on the instrumentation as much as the lyrics.

This is creatively crafted music that is layered and lusciously well produced. Every note has a purpose and place and the beautiful whole is made up of each passionate piece.

Words by Matt Miles.

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